In recent years there has been great concern about health and the protection of the environment. Society and mainly consumers have begun to be aware of the importance for them to consume healthy foods and that these come from plantations within modern concepts of production called “Good Agricultural Practices”, which make the consumer buy their food with trust.

The demanding quality controls that are applied from the cultivation processes to their final treatment in the plant, allow our onions to meet the most demanding quality requirements that currently exist. Thus, our onions surpass, year after year, the demands demanded by GLOBALGAP, IFS, BRC, ISO 22,000 and Nature’s Choice among others, guaranteeing maximum quality to marketers and final consumers.

With more than 5,400 cultivated hectares and 432,000 tons of onions marketed, PROCECAM represents one of the largest producer associations in Europe.
Our associates are able to meet the most demanding demands, at the right time and with the product you need. The high quality of the onion produced, and the dedication applied to the processes of cultivation, harvesting and subsequent packaging, result in the onion of our associates being highly demanded by the main European markets and supermarkets.
The onion originating in the region of Castilla-La Mancha is very appreciated by consumers for its large size and its extraordinary flavor. Currently, the onion of PROCECAM associates is exported to the main and most demanding European markets, as well as to the main markets of America, Asia and Africa.
PROCECAM associates have been characterized since its inception by a constant expansion, as well as by a permanent improvement in the supply of their products, which achieve applying the most advanced technology in their facilities, in their fields, in their collection processes and in the different stages of transformation until the different types of onion are made available to the final consumer.

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