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PROCECAM, is clearly committed to obtaining excellence in the quality and the product of the onion. For this reason, this Association, since its inception, has been pursuing the obtaining of a seal of quality that recognizes and values the magnificent qualities and qualities of the onion produced in Castilla-La Mancha.

The collective quality mark “CEBOLLA DE LA MANCHA” is finally the seal of quality that recognizes and differentiates from the rest, the excellent properties of the onion produced in this region.
The area of ​​production and packaging of the Quality Mark “Cebolla de La Mancha” is located in the Castilian-La Mancha region and specifically in the provinces of Albacete, Cuenca, Ciudad Real and Toledo. The total area included within the zone is 37,925 km2.
The onion produced under this brand of quality is characterized by onions (bulbs of the species Allium cepa.L), Recas type (and commercial varieties that meet the characteristics of this genetic population of Castilla-La Mancha), intended for sale to the consumables in fresh state.
The Quality Mark “Onion of La Mancha” are onions of category I, with a content in dry matter established between 5 and 9%, a unit weight between 165 and 1000 grams and with a minimum sugar content of 3, 5 º Brix (± 0.5%) that give this onion its characteristic spiciness. The shape of the onion of La Mancha is spherical and the size of the bulb is medium to large. The catáfilas that will determine the exterior color of the onion of La Mancha, are of a minimum of two, and its color is coppery or dark tan. The contents of phosphorus and magnesium are higher than onion cultivars of the Recas type in other geographical areas of Spain.
These characteristics cause that the onion produced under this seal of quality is considered as the excellence in the onions, providing the unbeatable conditions and characteristics for the consumption in the Spanish and European homes.
Its organoleptic characteristics contribute to the consumers of the onion of the Brand of Quality, all the traditional flavor to its wines, endowing them with all their wealth and healthy benefits of this product, one of the most consumed in the world and recommended for its medicinal qualities .
Undoubtedly, the demanding consumers of the onion Quality Mark “Onion of La Mancha” look for a product whose excellence contributes to its dishes the main nutrients of this product, adding the traditional flavor of the onion.

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